Can sex with a doll replace real sex?

Can sex with a doll replace real sex?
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Can sex with a doll replace real sex?

You must have all heard of sex dolls. Roads are the subject of ridicule in movies and series, and I think you’ve all seen,
and maybe tried, those inflatable sex dolls. But what if I told you that today there are sex dolls that are
made of the highest quality silicone, very similar to human skin and which give an almost identical feeling of sex as with
a real woman? That it exists, and in this article we will talk about such sex dolls, with which you will never be again

I will be extremely honest with you, I often feel lonely, and I don’t mean the lack of company with which I can
go out when I want to, no, I feel lonely in that sexual sense. Sex is a normal human need, as we have
the urge to eat, drink, breathe, so we have the urge to spread our genetic material, so if you do not have a partner with whom to practice
sex, you will feel lonely. But what is fascinating about human nature is how you can feel next to your partner
this kind of loneliness. Next to the girl I had been in a relationship with for a long time, I felt lonely in a sexual sense.
The reason was that the girl was not always in the mood for sex, even if they had sex, she is the one who chooses the poses,
rhythm, speed and all other factors of this pleasure. Do not cum when you want, but when your partner tells you.
After a while and next to your partner, you start to feel sexual loneliness and go back to masturbation,
pornography, erotica, etc. After that come quarrels, problems. And then you realize that it is better to be sexually lonely as well
than in a relationship. The same principle can be applied to women in individual cases.

However, as technology advances, scientists are aware of the problems men face and are always trying
find ways to reduce that sexual loneliness in men. So today we have VR technology and sexual
virtual reality experiences, online chat with pretty girls who obey everything you ask of them, porn
games in which you decide how the plot will develop, etc. But definitely the biggest inventions in this field are silicone
sex dolls. We all know about inflatable sex dolls, but that is long overdue, they are not realistic, they are not suitable for use
and are literally one-off. Sex dolls made of silicone are the real thing.

Imagine a sex doll, which is made of silicone, which irresistibly resembles human skin. The doll has a skeleton,
and you can move her limbs as you wish and adjust the doll into whatever pose you imagine. The doll has three openings, which are
so designed to provide a realistic feeling of sex, so they insert vibrators into the vaginal opening, so that the feeling is
as similar to real sex as possible, maybe even better, and warm up, to make you feel like you’re putting your penis in your right vagina.
The anus is narrow and you have a feeling of real anal sex, which I guess most of you have never experienced because
women today are afraid of it and avoid it.
In addition, these dolls have natural hair, hard nipples and incredibly realistic and real breasts. What maybe
and the best thing is that you choose the character, hair color, breast size, etc. so you can have a dream partner, always
next to you. A large selection of such dolls can be found at this link:


Technology is advancing day by day, and as we know, the basic goals of technology are to make people’s lives easier.
So in the realm of sexual pleasure we have these modern, phenomenally designed and functional sex dolls, on
which is really worth spending the money on. And yes, if you ask me sex with a doll like this can completely replace it
real sex.


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